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VCCCP Annual Car Show Feb 2011  |  13th February 2011
VCCCP started holding annual car shows in 2003-04 to create awareness amongst the general public about cars of the bygone era which are our country heritage on wheels and must be saved from destruction and preserved for our youth to see and learn
Lunch at Mohsin´s House   |  Nov 2009
Mohsin ´s house was packed with ´who ´s who of cars´ in Karachi with close to 100 of them. After lunch everyone went out for drive in classic cars stopping at Cafe Clifton for tea...
Karachi to Hyderabad Rally  |  17 May 2009
A rally was taken out from Karachi to Hyderabad and back. 12 cars participated and all returned without any major incident. The highlight was the participation of a Fiat 500. Lunch at Highway Grill was enjoyed by all.
Karachi to Islamabad classic car rally from 5 to 10 November 2010.  |  5 to 10 November 2010
VCCCP planned a car show in Lahore to spread the brotherhood of vintage and classic cars. Some members decided to drive the cars to Lahore instead of sending them on truck thus it became a very enjoyable rally.
Karachi Islamabad Rally   |  5th November 2010
VCCCP First Ever Rally to Islamabad
Vintage and Classic Car Show at Tricon Village in Lahore on 9 Nov 2010  |  9 Nov 2010
This was VCCCP´s first ever car show outside Karachi and Tricon Village did a fabulous job at a very short notice. It was great to have Karachi and Lahore cars together.
Royal Palm Golf and Country Club VCCCP and Pakwheels Car Show  |  10 April 2011
After VCCCP´s car show in Lahore in November last year, the bug of vintage car motoring has bit the Lahorites. VCCCP Lahore Chapter has organised the first ever independent show in Lahore and have gathered over 35 excellent cars.
VCCCP Annual Car Show 2010  |  (14th, Feberuary 2010)
The Forum, Karachi - Pakistan, A Grand Vintage & Classic Car Show in Karachi
Car Show at THE FORUM, Karachi   |  ( JAN, 2006)
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Independence Day Parade   |  14th August 2005
VCCCP takes out a rally every year on 14th August to celebrate the independance day. usually our parce ferme at the end of the rally is the parking at Zamzama. This allows the passers by to look at the historical vehicles which are a heritage
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