Cars owned by the Founding members, the core members and the other members 

This section will keep on growing at a rapid pace as we are in the process of getting car pictures from our 150 members approximately. The people and the cars that you see here are the basis of the formation and existance of VCCCP. The regular activity in recent times by VCCCP has made the members keener to have their cars well maintained or restored the ones which had been lying unused for years. Happy motoring to all.



Mohsin Ikram (Founder & Chairman of VCCCP)  |  Bought his first classic car in 1980 when he was 16 years old.
Mohsin�s passion for classic cars started when he was in school. As soon as he passed his matric exams he went to this old house in Soldier Bazaar and bought a 1949 Mercedes 170 V for Rs.5,000 and immediately after that a 1952 Citroen Traction Avant.
Jim Agha - Founder and ex President  |  Founded club in 1987 with Mohsin Ikram
Jim is one of the most colorful personality in the club. Though an American car lover at heart, he owns a Riley Roadster for over 20 years which is his pride and joy.
Imad Samad   |  Member since 1987
Imad is a well known name in the classic car circles and an active member of the club. He has a nice collection of classic cars regularly maintained and in working order. Imad bought his first car in 1986, a 1967 Triumph GT 6 which is still with him
Abdul Wahid   |  Member since 1990
Abdul Wahid has the largest and one of the best collection of vintage and classic cars in Pakistan. Wahid has varied business interests including an airline that he is going to launch soon.
Karim Chhapra   |  2004
Karim is a reasonably new entrant to the classic car hobby but in this short time has build up a superb collection of cars including a very historic Rolls Royce Silver Ghost 1924 which was used by Mr. Jinnah and Mountbatten on 14th August 1947
Yawer Shameem  |  Member since 2002
Yawer bought his childhood dream car, a 1963 MGB Roadster which he restored and participated in many VCCCP events. Some years ago, the MG made way for a Daimler V8 250 1967 which also took part in the Khi Isb Rally last year.
Humayun Zia  |  2010
Humayun Zia now resides in Toronto but visits his home in Ayubia and karachi in Pakistan every year. He is a great car enthusiast with special interest in cars that were the main mode of transport for people in the 1950s and 1960s.
Dewan Adil Farooqui   |  Member since 2005
Dewan Adil belongs to the renowned business family having diversified business interests. Adil owns a 1958 MGA Roadster in which he also participated in the Khi Isb Rally in November 2010. Adil also owns a 1971 Mercedes 280S and a 1950 MG TD.
Moin J. Abbasi   |  Member since 2002
Moin is a lawyer by profession and has interests in model planes, cars, photography besides owning classic cars. He owns a 1961 Ford Thunderbird Convertible that he recently imported from USA. He also a low mileage 1962 Lincoln Continental
Shaaf Mehboob   |  Member since 2005
Shaaf is a proud owner of a 1957 Ford Thunderbird in which he has participated in VCCCP Cross Country Rallies and also has a stately Mercedes Benz 280 S 4.5 V8 1971.
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